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Monday-Friday: 12:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Saturday & Sunday 9:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.
718 569 0242
718 569 0242
Monday-Friday: 12:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Saturday & Sunday 9:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

About RockStars Rising

RockStars Rising is a program that was developed to offer individuals with unique learning styles a place to come and bring out their inner RockStar. Parents would sign up for one of our programs to introduce their children to music, and we were fortunate enough to teach them how to play an instrument. Because each individual is unique there was never one way to teach a child. Over the course of three years we developed certain techniques to help our students become real musicians.

Music lessons are much different from music therapy sessions; however, we often see therapeutic benefits while using our unique teaching methods. Areas of improvement can included motor skills, emotion regulation skills, social and communication skills, independence skills, and attention skills.

What separates RockStars Rising from any other music school is our teachers hold a certification (IBCESS: General Education/Autism Certification, A Certification for Educators and Licensed Professionals) and is required to play a minimum of three instruments. Because communication is so important in our RockStars Rising program, each student is encouraged to learn to play at least three instruments. Many times we find a student may express themselves better on an instrument they never considered playing. Exposure to guitar, bass, drums piano and vocals allows the student to choose which instrument they would like to play to express themselves. Essentially giving the student all of the tools for success! For example, if an individual feels they want a soothing session, they may choose to play piano that day. If they want to just ‘let go’ and be a RockStar they may want to get behind the drum set. We feel this gives the student the freedom of expression. We encourage every student in our program to learn as many instruments as they’d like, giving him or her the option to play whatever instrument they like, whenever they want to. What better way to express themselves?

A Sense of Accomplishment!
Some of the greatest moments our teachers have experienced was the sense of accomplishment each student had after their lesson. RockStars Rising is focused on giving your child that sense of accomplishment each time they leave their session.

A Sense of Confidence!
Watching a child perform a piece of music is one of the many gifts we offer when teaching. Playing the chorus to their favorite song on the guitar or piano does wonders for your child’s confidence. Knowing that they are able to play a song that their favorite artist performs on the radio does wonders for the self-confidence.

A Place Where We Create LEADERS!
We believe in creating leaders. Giving your child the tools they can use to build confidence is our goal. The way we do this is by teaching your child how playing an instrument takes time, practice and commitment; the very building blocks of a leader. And we happen to have incredible teachers here to do just that.


Making a Difference One Child at a Time...

School of Rock has been amazing with my son. He is on the spectrum and the one on one with Dani has helped him to focus and build self-confidence. Music is a big part of his life and School of Rock has taken him to the next level with learning more about the thing he loves to do.

My child with special needs is taking piano lessons with Scott. Scott and the rest of the staff are so
patient and amazing with children on the spectrum. I highly recommend them for any child with special
needs interested in music.

Phyllis Garofano

Our RockStars

Scott Siller

Scott Siller; Manager. Senior Teacher, Mentor and Program Director for RockStars Rising. Earned a Certificate in Autism.

Dani Lynn Bauso

Dani Lynn Bauso. Senior Teacher, Assistant Program Director and Mentor for RockStars Rising. Currently enrolled in IBCCES Autism Certification Program.

Robert Seidor

Robert Seidor. Earned a Certificate in Autism. Piano, Vocal and Guitar Mentor. Assistant Program Director for RockStars Rising.

Amanda Siller

Amanda Siller. Earned a Certificate in Autism. Piano, Vocal and Guitar Mentor. Assistant Program Director for RockStars Rising.

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